Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And the winner is..................

After many gorgeous photos of all your babies in their bonnibuns, our 3 judges have chosen the winner of the Bonnibuns Facebook photo page competition.. And the winner is........Isabelle!! Isabelle is nearly 5 months old and is modelling a Bonnibuns swim nappy.. What a cutie pie she is!
Issys parents have won 2 All-In-Ones of their choice!
Thank you to everyone who entered their gorgeous bubs, the judges spent 3 days deciding who the final winner was to be!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bonnibuns Night Nappy Stocking..

On the 12th July, 2009, at 8pm, Bonnibuns will be having a Night nappy stocking! Hopefully all the kids are in bed by then and you can nab yourself a fabulous night nappy.. Bonnibuns night nappies have an excellent reputation for being beautifully made, an awesome fit and leak free! Set your alarm, log it in your diary, set up lots and lots of annoying pop ups to remind you about this event!!

Bonnibuns Facebook Babies Comp..

Hi All,

So Bonnibuns finally has a blogspot! Yet another place for me to flap my gums (cause Facebook isnt enough?!), about all things Bonnibuns and nappies!

For those of you who missed my email, I am running a Bonnibuns Facebook babies competition! Basically, all you need to do is take a photo of your babe in their Bonnibuns, email it to me, I will post it to the Bonnibuns facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/pages/Bonnibuns-Cloth-Nappies-with-style/46952626412 and on the 1st July, a winner will be chosen to win 2 All-In-One nappies of your choice! So make sure you get your entries in before midnight, 30th June, 2009!!

To our left is one of our entrants, Emma, who is 10 months! Just one of many gorgeous Bonnibuns babies!

In goings on at the Bonnibuns ranch, I learnt how important it is to check the spout before boiling the jug, Miss Mackenzie (1 year old) had stuffed a strawberry down there and it pureed
once boiled.. All natural and healthy however YUCKO!!

I have just uploaded 4 new prints to the website (under AIO prints and patterns) and will be uploading at least another 4 today!